Natural Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother - 500 ml


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What is Apple Cider Vinegar ?

Apple Cider Vinegr is made from juice of delicious Himalayan Apples. This Vinegar is naturally fermented, unpasterized & unfiltered. It contains natural residue and goodness of Mother of Vinegar.

Benefits :

1) Makes your hari shine.

2) Regulates the pH of your skin.

3) Removes stains from teeth

4) Soothes sunburnt skin

5) Used as a natural Aftershave

6) Aids in weight loss.

7) helps you detox

8) is good for your lymphatic system

9) helps you reduce heartburn

10) its an all natural room freshner

11) boosts energy

12) Clears acne

13) Gets rid of dandruff

14) prevents indigestion

15) soothes a sore throat

16) Cures hiccups

17) Helps tummy troubles

18) kills or retards the growth of cancer cells


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