Earth Loaf - 72% Raw Dark Chocolate Bar - 72g


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Earth Loaf

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Real chocolate made for real chocolate lovers. Our classic bar, made with 72% single origin raw and organic South Indian cacao, sweetened with delicious and mineral rich South Indian palmyra sugar (only 45 on the glycemic index). The unique soil and atmospheric conditions in South India give our beans and chocolate their unique fruity and zesty flavour. Our chocolate has been hand crafted at low temperatures to preserve all the nutritional wealth naturally found in cacao i.e. Iron, Magnesium, Anti-Oxidants, the bliss Chemical Anandamide and promotes Serotonin production in the body, all of which is usually damaged during roasting in traditional chocolate. As our chocolate is packed with all the nutritional richness of cacao, a little goes a long way in delivering you to chocolate satisfaction.

Ingredients : Cacao Beans, Palymyra Sugar

Features : Vegan, Gluten-Free

Shelf Life : 1 Years


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